The Dynamics of Socio-Economic Development

by Adam Szirmai,



CHAPTER 1: Introduction. Developing Countries and the Concept of Development

This introductory chapter focuses on the concept of development. The low standard of living of the mass of the population in developing countries is singled out as a key issue in development. The development of per capita income over time and the factors that influence economic development or stagnation are important topics in the book. However, the interplay between economic and non-economic factors is also of great importance for our understanding of the dynamics of socio-economic development. Economic growth cannot be explained by economic factors only, and the concept of development includes more than mere changes in economic indicators.


The tables in this chapter highlight the differences between developing countries, providing data on per capita incomes, growth rates, income inequality and poverty.

List of Tables



1.1: Population, GNI per capita and growth in the world economy, 2012


1.2: Income inequality within countries, 2005


1.3: Inequality in the world economy, 1988-1998


1.4: Catch-up episodes since 1820


1.5: World poverty, 1981-2005

Rice fields, Bali, Indonesia (Photo: R. Luiten)



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