The Dynamics of Socio-Economic Development

by Adam Szirmai,



CHAPTER 12: Cultural and Institutional Dimensions of Development

Development is not limited to the economic sphere. It also involves a broad range of social changes. An important dimension of development is cultural change. We cannot study economic developments in isolation, but also have to take into account cultural aspects such as attitudes, religious precepts, life styles, identities, and values.

Culture as a dimension of development is extremely important. It is also hard to define, as different things can be classified under the heading of culture: culture as art, identity, religion, language, nationalism, attitudes, institutions, material artifacts and so forth. In this chapter, culture is primarily referred two in terms of characteristic mental maps and values shared by members of a society. A second and related dimension of development is institutional change: changes in the rules governing the games of human interaction.

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Traditional woman, Ladakh, India

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