The Dynamics of Socio-Economic Development

by Adam Szirmai,


CHAPTER 4: Technology and Development

Technological change is one of the important sources of growth and development. This chapter singles out technological change as one of the key issues in the study of development. Two main questions will be raised: a. To what extent is technological change really one of the driving forces in growth and development? b. What are the consequences of accelerating global technological change for developing countries? Does technological change constitute a threat to their chances for development? Does technological change offer new opportunities for development?

The chapter contains three tables. Table 1 shows the shares of developing countries in US patent applications. Table 2 presents empirical data on R&D efforts in developing countries. Table 3 provides indicators of performance in Information and Communication technologies.

List of Tables



4.1: US Patent Activity, 1870-2010


4.2: R&D efforts, 1990-2009


4.3: ICT indicators, 1992-2008

Motorised rope pump, Nicaragua

(Photo: Practica Foundation)



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