The Dynamics of Socio-Economic Development

by Adam Szirmai,





CHAPTER 6: Health, Health Care and Development

Health and education are important aspects of development. They belong to the basic needs every development strategy tries to meet. Improving the state of health and the level of education also contributes to the realisation of other developmental objectives such as economic development, labour productivity growth, responsiveness to innovation, and future orientedness. From the perspective of economic development, investments in education and health care can be regarded as investments in human capital. In turn, economic development can contribute to improvements in health and education.

The six tables in this chapter provide information about health-related issues, such as child mortality, life expectancy, morbidity and HIV/AIDS. A seventh table on water supply and sanitation has been has been added here.

List of Tables


6.1: Infant and child mortality, 1950-2010


6.2: Life expectancy at birth in selected developing countries, 1920-2015


6.3: Life expectancy at birth per region, 1950-2015


6.4: Causes of death by region, 1980-2008


6.5: Prevalence of HIV/AIDS in developing countries, 2001-2010


6.6: Comparisons of levels of per capita income, infant mortality and life expectancy at birth, 2010

bullet 6.7: Water Supply and sanitation coverage by region, 1990-2000





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