The Dynamics of Socio-Economic Development

by Adam Szirmai,




The book and the accompanying website presents empirical data on long-run economic, social and political trends for a sample of twenty-nine developing countries, representing Asia, Latin America and Africa. These thirty-one countries represent more than three quarters of the total population of developing countries in the year 2014. The book contains over seventy tables, covering the period since 1950, sometimes going back to the pre-war period. The country data are supplemented by aggregate statistics for different regions and continents. 


This website makes the tables of the book available to students in the form of excel files. The first sheet of each table is the table from the book, the subsequent sheets present the raw data from which the table has been constructed and the operations performed on these raw data. 


The website will also allow for updating of the tables in the book, as time passes. Where book tables are updated or revised, this will be indicated in the worksheets. 


  1. Developing Countries and the Concept of Development

  2. Development of the International Economic Order, 1450-2015

  3. Growth and Stagnation. Theories and Experiences

  4. Technology and Development

  5. Population and Development

  6. Health, Health Care and Development

  7. Education and Development

  8. Economic Development, Structural Chamge and Industrialisation

  9. Industrial Development

  10. Agricultural Development and Rural Development

  11. State Formation and Political Aspects of Development

  12. Cultural and Institutional Dimensions of Development

  13. The International Economic and Political Order since 1945

  14. Foreign Aid and Development


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